Really important statement from the head of Any Old Doctor

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It’s very late here in Ireland, due to the time difference, but I thought it was vital to explain why the vital work done by Any Old Doctor is quite literally vital. 

Quite simply, the government isn’t doing ANYTHING and my frontline colleagues are dying – dying to join a network of more than 7 million doctors, who all agree that things MUST change. What those things are and HOW they must change is something I rely on you to tell me. 

And you have been telling me. 

“STOP,” you say. “Stop sending us offers of branded facemasks, stop telling us you represent us all, stop setting up JustGiving pages without telling us what you plan to spend the money on.” 

I understand your frustration, I really do. I understand the danger you put yourselves in every single day, which is why I think it’s important to leak emails to trusted journalists at responsible newspapers like the Mirror, who really care about the NHS and provide the sort of in-depth, quality coverage that helps us to continue our vital work. 

Only by telling the truth that no one else dares to tell can we make patients frightened to go to hospital and relieve the burden on our 9 million doctor-members. Only by revealing what REALLY happens on the frontline, can I continue to appear on radio and television to promote a cause that matters to all of us: me. 

We can’t rely on the media, national bodies or the dozens of other so-called organisations that claim to represent doctors. Only by working together in Any Old Doctor can we hope to bring your struggles to the attention of the government and the public, who deserve to know the TRUTH. 

I took the last decade out from being a practising doctor because it was the only way I could make a difference. Being in Ireland as a full-time lobbyist gives me a bit of distance that some of you may not have. It helps me to see what’s really GOING ON at the front line, which means I can tell you.

You may be shocked to learn that a plague is sweeping the land, patients are sick, hospitals are barely able to cope and the government is doing NOTHING. 

This is why it’s vital that you send money, so I can carry on doing what is RIGHT. Of course, I respect YOUR right to disagree with me. That’s why I am blocking a lot of you on social media and threatening to report you to the GMC. Trust me, it’s for your own good. 

Please RT this message, send money, buy my Any Old Doctor “Save the NHS” Christmas jumper (hurry, only 2000 left) and join more than 11 million doctor-like colleagues so we can continue the fight for the vital things we need to campaign for together. Whatever they are.   

By “Dr” Julian Patterson

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  1. Aneez Esmail says:

    Good work Julian

    Aneez Esmail – Professor of General Practice, The University of Manchester


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