The towpath to success: Joy Hunter takes the lead

Thursday morning: the fortnightly meeting of the Blithering ICS strategic projects team. The usual faces flicker into life on the video call: Sir Trevor Longstay, executive chairman of the NHS Blithering University Hospitals Foundation Trust; Liz Wanhope, careworn accountable officer of the endlessly restructured Blithering CCG; Dr David Rummage, acting director of public health and…More

The end is in sight

As Matt Hancock told us this week, thanks to the wonders of science, 1.3 million people in the UK have now been vaccinated. Science is a field of endeavour previously closed to Britain by the EU, as he has pointed out many times.  This is almost the same number of people who currently have the…More

Bev Heaver loses the plot: A Blithering Christmas story

Dr David Rummage sent a trophy icon to Plackard with a short message: “I think we have a winner!” Bev Heaver’s “unpresentation” had passed the 40-minute mark, which meant that Rummage was on target to collect this year’s Christmas sweepstake.  But help was on its way. Sir Trevor Longstay was tapping his pen on a…More

Matt Hancock’s diary: my histrionic year

Sorry to anyone who’s been wondering why I haven’t published another instalment of my diaries for a while. Well, I’ve been pretty darned busy protecting Britain and our NHS from this ruddy pandemic. Sometimes posterity just has to wait. Luckily, I’ve managed to snatch a few minutes every day to post something informative or encouraging…More

UK first to roll out scotch eggs amid protests from anti-snaxxers

The UK this week became the first country in the world to approve the use of scotch eggs in the fight against coronavirus.  A version of the sausage-meat and breadcrumb covered snack developed by foods giant Ginsters could be rolled out as early as next week, allowing pubs to open their doors and life to…More

Netflix asked to make it clear that The Government is a work of fiction

Viewers should be given a clear message that popular television drama The Government is a work of fiction, the actor playing a minister said last week. Oliver Dowden, who has a minor part as minister for culture, said “Because The Government frequently uses artistic licence, younger views in particular may not understand that what is…More

Lego Pandemic – now with more incredible figures than ever

Amuse your children this Christmas without overwhelming the NHS with the most ambitious construction kit ever: Lego Pandemic Test and Trace: Survival Mission. They’ll have months of fun trying to work out how all the pieces fit together, which parts are missing and who to blame. They will be so busy they won’t want to…More

Sir Trevor keeps it safe

“Where have you been, Plackard?” asked Sir Trevor Longstay. “You may recall that you ordered me to self-isolate and work from home in March,” Plackard replied. “Even though I had no symptoms,” he was tempted to add. “One can never be too careful,” Longstay said. “Anyway, you’re back now.” Plackard cut short the pleasantries. He…More

Really important statement from the head of Any Old Doctor

–  Please subscribe to keep reading or I’ll report you to the GMC –  It’s very late here in Ireland, due to the time difference, but I thought it was vital to explain why the vital work done by Any Old Doctor is quite literally vital.  Quite simply, the government isn’t doing ANYTHING and my frontline…More